A little bit about me and why I’m writing a blog…

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with knowing the “why” of everything! Funnily enough, I grew up and became a scientist!!!!! I  had great aspirations of doing something incredible like curing cancer or Alzheimer’s or some other insidious disease! I might yet, but for the time being my hands are full with being a stay at home mam. My brain will always be in nerd mode though…. particularly when it comes to immunology!!!!!! …. (and incidentally, like most nerds I know, I’m fairly passionate about the sci-fi and fantasy genre of books and films… but that’s a blog for another day). Friends and fellow parents have often come to me with “sciencey” questions which I have always been more then happy to answer, or investigate for them. Ye know stuff like “why can’t you take antibiotics for the flu?” and that sort of thing.

My little men and I!

When I became a mother, a whole new world of “whys” opened up to me! My boys are both still under 4 but I have experienced a whole spectrum of both childhood and adult illnesses! I’m currently compiling a truck load of info, that I would love to share with you! My hope and purpose in this venture is to lift some fears of the unknown and debunk a few commonly held health myths…   From one parent to another,  I’d like to give some clear explanations of what I’ve learned about and experienced.  Please note….. The thoughts and opinions I offer in my blog should by no means replace professional medical advice. I’m just a parent trying to make life a tiny bit easier by compiling helpful (hopefully) information and sharing my experiences!

On a more sinister note, I must tell you that I am also a multiple suicide survivor! I have grappled with clinical depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. Nothing, I REALLY MEAN NOTHING could ever prepare me for the loathsome depths of Hell that is postnatal depression. In my blogs I would like to share my experiences in the hopes of casting some light on this cruel disease. Due to the shame and stigma associated with perinatal depression and anxiety, I was slow to seek any help and allowed myself to become dangerously ill. More then anything I hope that someone out there will identify with my trials and have the courage to seek help. Postnatal depression is not a reflection of your abilities as a mother. It is not a life sentence and you can recover!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to become a member of the blogging community. I have been blown away by some of the uplifting and wonderful stories from other moms and dads,  along with the phenomenal tips and advice! I hope and pray that I can make a valuable contribution!